Thank you for your interest in visiting the Eastern Sierra Observatory! We have added a number of new dates to better accommodate the many requests to visit! Use the list below to view upcoming available dates, and then click on the “Book Now” button to fill out a request form for that date. We will confirm your stay within 24 hours via email. If you’re wondering what to expect when visiting the ESO, please read this article and/or check out our FAQ.


Remaining 2019 Available Dates & Pricing Below

All available dates are situated around the new moon to ensure dark skies for your visit.

  • October 18th-20th: Stargazing Silks Workshop

  • November: 25th, 27th, 29th

  • December: 1st, 2nd, 3rd, 4th

  • January 3rd & 4th, 2020: Quadrantids Meteor Shower Party!

    ***Our location enjoys clear skies even through winter, and while overnight lows can sometimes dip into the 30s during this time, the inversion layer generally keeps us 5-15 degrees warmer overnight than Bishop, and the daytime highs during this time are usually a pleasant 55-70 degrees. In many ways winter is the “nice” time of year here if you like to beat the heat!


Number of Guests One Night Two Nights
Individual adult in your own SHIFTPOD $175 $325
Two persons in one SHIFTPOD $235 $425
Three persons in one SHIFTPOD $315 $575
Family - Two adults and two children in one SHIFTPOD - you provide bedding for the children (we provide sleeping pads for the floor) $315 $575
Economy Group -- bring up to 12 people and provide your own sleeping bags/pads in THREE SHIFTPODs $650 $1200
Group Stay -- up to 9 people on our cots in THREE SHIFTPODs $750 $1400

We book up to three SHIFTPODs per night.