Frequently Asked Questions


What’s the weather like?

Check out our weather on Weather Underground:

Weather Underground PWS KCABISHO73

Are dogs allowed?

Yes, well behaved dogs are allowed on most nights. Please notify us when booking your night, and we’ll confirm with you within 24 hours.

Do I need to bring a pillow or sleeping bag?

No, we will provide cots and bedding unless you booked a Family Stay (you provide bedding for the children) or an Economy Group Stay (you provide your bedding).

What type of restroom is available?

We have a very clean porta-potty.

Is there a shower or hot water available?

Yes, there is a hot shower available (we have towels upon request), as well as on demand hot water for cooking/coffee/tea/etc.

Do I need to bring food?

You should provide your own dinner, snacks, and any beverages you’d like outside of drinking water (which we provide). You can use our grill and camp kitchen to prepare your meal if you’d like. Check with us if you need any special utensils — we have the basics. We will provide a light breakfast of donuts, fruit, and delicious, local, Black Sheep coffee.

Can I bring beer/wine/alcohol to enjoy?

Yes, please enjoy yourself but keep it mellow.

Do I have to bring a camera for astrophotography?

No, whether we do any astrophotography or not is totally up to you, and we can always use our camera if needed.

Do I have to do astrophysics experiments?

No, if you want to do some very lightweight experiments to study some stars or galaxies then we can do so, but this is also totally optional.

Will my cell phone work at the observatory?

Yes, you should have pretty much full service as we have clear line of sight to Bishop and a cell tower.

Don’t see your question? Please call or text 760-387-3005, or, send email to: